Arriving on Georgia Tech's campus in 1905, Pi Kappa Alpha has a rich history of excellence in the greek community.  Composed of well-rounded men who strive to become the best scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen on campus, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, or “Pikes,” command a towering presence with a commitment to broaden the college experience, making it more enjoyable and rewarding. As scholars, Pikes strive to attain the highest amount of knowledge in and out of the classroom to further their development as men and their careers after graduation. As leaders on campus, Pikes are very active in campus organizations. 100% of our brothers are involved in student organizations and often hold leadership positions. Many Pikes play on club sports teams, are members of several branches of ROTC, and also work for Tech as FASET Leaders, at the Campus Recreation Center and as teaching assistants. Pikes also balance the rigorous GT academic schedule by having great social events composed of parties, date nights, and formals. In athletics, Pikes are recognized as the team to beat. They consistently win fraternity championships in many sports, and they are always near the top in the overall fraternity intramural championship. Finally as gentlemen, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha are always expected to treat everybody on campus with respect and carry on the great legacy that has been laid down before them.



Pi Kappa Alpha has over 225 chapter and colonies with over 15,500 undergraduate members and 300,000 lifetime initiatives. A decision to join PIKE not only enhances your college experience, it also connects you with one of the largest fraternity alumni bases in the world.  

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